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Liam Zebedee
17 min readNov 15, 2015


Scroll through the headings — if you don’t believe something, read it and discuss.

Global solidarity and compassion

Pray for the world. I stand in solidarity with those who have suffered for too long. However if anyone finds this dp tokenistic and offensive I am happy to take it down.


This is not a war of religions, peoples, or borders. This is a war of ideologies. Islamists who will use any means to destabilise and terrorise the very foundations of our democracies. They will attempt to divide us, make us question our neighbours, beliefs and freedoms in an effort to destroy our civilisation.


Islamism is a violent political ideology thrusted by a corrupted and barbaric interpretation of Islam, hell-bent on domination through a global caliphate. It has no respect for borders or sovereignty. No respect for citizenships or allegiances. And will crush any challenge through criticism or discourse because freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas is not in its lexicon.

When commentators on the left argue that we should essentially turn a blind eye to extremism, through the same old adage that all religions have problems with fundamentalists, it serves no benefit to either the Muslim community or the western world. It allows this problem to fester in the grassroots, as tensions ferment and communities become more and more isolated. Nor do the commentators on the right who feel it reasonable to stir up tensions in an already volatile environment.

Jihadists want Muslims in the west to feel alienated within their own countries. An IS recruiter’s job is made easier when normal everyday Muslims are targeted by their governments and harassed by their fellow countryman. It seems as though the first cycle of perpetual motion has taken place, and as it begins to build momentum, tackling the issue of Islamic extremism will become more and more difficult as an unwilling Muslim community will feel as though it is signing its own death warrant.

The real question that needs to be asked is why have we for so long accepted Islamists to dictate the terms of this debate, we have allowed them to hijack Islam, the fastest growing, and very soon the largest religion in the world. We have allowed them to dictate what can be and can’t be published with regards to drawings of the Prophet and Charlie Hebdo. We have allowed this fallacy of its Islam versus the West to be left unchallenged.

Jihadism is on the rise, attacks on Western capitals are becoming more prevalent and social harmony is deteriorating every day with the rise of far-right extremists who further add to the chaos.

If we continue on the path we are going, shackled by political correctness and blinded by hatred, we risk to see the destruction of Western civilisation as we know it.

The motto of the revolution “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” applies now more than ever.

Rest in peace to the innocent lives lost in paris and condolences to those affected due to the cowardly act of a couple of ISIS dickheads.‪#‎prayforparis‬

Anti-ISIS propaganda

‘Nuff said

Media coverage and world compassion

Don’t let the fact that one news story is told more than another make you ignorant to other things going on in the world… Don’t just pray for Paris, pray for the world.

Pray for Paris, but also for Lebanon, Japan, Baghdad and all the refugees and Muslims who are being unfairly blamed for these attacks


“If anyone needs a laugh after the terrorist attacks, turn on ABC and and watch Bill Shorton’s ridiculous speech.”

I really hope we can let the massive media response to Paris incident be a lesson in awareness.

All around the world, ISIS and related terrorists groups commit similar atrocities to the absolute tragedy seen in Paris on a frequent basis. The thing is, because we’re so used associating instability to places where this frequently occurs such as Syria, and because they aren’t part of our safeguarded western sphere of perception, we become apathetic and desensitized. You don’t see a these places all over the news, they don’t get a trendy hashtag, and there’s no option to change your profile pic to the colours of their flag.

By all means the enthusiastic movements of solidarity in respect to the Paris tragedy are inspiring. But I find it very sad that such a response is limited to certain countries who we seem to care about more than others. If we could only invest this same amount of empathy and humanity we’ve shown to France into other nations of different ethnicity during their times of crisis, perhaps we’d show more compassion to refugee’s running from this same terror but on a larger scale.

I’m not trying to take away from what happened in Paris, it was a terrible and heartbreaking loss, well worthy of an outraged response from an international community. But what I am trying to do is place it within a global perspective. Terrorism is a global problem and there will be no solution if we don’t broaden our perceptions of its global implications.

In light of this, lets maintain the strong emotional response to Paris when in future a similar tragedy occurs in a less prominent country. Lets chose to speak up just as much for nations who have so much less. Lets chose, most of all, to let our own values of humanity determine what we care about, not just a biased western media.

How can we ever hope for a future where we have international cohesion between all regions when the scope of our thoughts is so limited to out own?

People only care for select groups of people

Paris attacks are a prime example of how the media controls our emotions to certain situations . It’s actually kind of fucked up how people only care for select groups of people, the Facebook ‘red, blue , white’ filter is a really obvious tool to identify who these people are. Do some research and know that this happens in communities all around the world each and every day. If we all had support for these people , like the most of you do for civilians of Paris , asylum seekers that need our help would get it a lot faster .

>> Don’t worry a lot of people know that but you should still care for your country even if it is happening everyday in other countries and nobody gives a shit about it. Human beings are selfish and only care about what can actually affect them in the end. Are you actually doing everything you can to make this world a better place? I know I am not but at least if that filter can make some people have some discussions about it, it is better than nothing.


“There is a certain trajectory to history, unable to be seen clearly and almost impossible to believe by those in the grip of evil at the time. But it is therenonetheless. The worst evil that humans visit upon themselves, whether through insane ideology or institutional madness, is always defeated. 1000 year Reichs are smashed, “cultural revolutions” are defeated, totalitarian regimes are toppled. Islamic militant fundamentalism will eventually go the way of all primitive, ideologically insane and anti-human movements. It may not go quietly, but it will go, crushed by the sheer weight of history that demonstrates time and again the triumph of wiser and more loving notions of what it means to be human.”

Labelling barbarians

There’s not enough room on this photo to add all the countries, where atrocities like the one we saw in Paris occur almost daily.

This is a battle against the barbarian. Ready to see the world revert back to darkness.

This isn’t about the West or Islam. This is about humanity.

We have grown up in a world in peace.
Unfortunately, I am afraid our future.
I remember the course of history describing our past wars and remember thinking ‘ this will never happen!’
The children of today will not have that chance.
I fear our future, because beyond the sadness I feel today, it’s a anguish for what will happen tomorrow who oppresses me… France, our wonderful country risk of falling into a deep racism.
How to avoid a reaction if normal that the rejection of the other in such circumstances?
Yet I pray that our country remains welded and don’t forget its values ‘ Liberty, equality ‘, And today more than ever ‘Brotherhood’. We are all French and united against these barbarians extremists. In the confusion, let us make no mistake of enemies, please let us not give in to their pressure.
This is our union which will be our strength.
# prayforparis

Tonight in Paris, Islamism has reared its ugly, barbaric, indiscriminate head. A violent political ideology fueled by a corrupted and backwards version of my religion. This wasn’t just an attack on Parisians, nor just the French. This was an attack on the very values that form the foundation of western liberal democracies. Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity).

EDIT: We shouldn’t forget the tragedies that occurred in Beirut and Baghdad, and remember that the large majority of victims from Islamist terror attacks are indeed Muslims.

The world thinks about you, Paris. We are all together in this battle.

Faith is the answer

One of life’s greatest tests is our faith. When we are faced with news of sadness and devastation, we realize that we cannot memorize for this test. There is no formula to be studied. Faith is something we must practice in small doses each day, beginning with our attitude, and continuing through our actions and behaviors. Even during this difficult time, messages of love, and offers of aid and help towards those in need, show that we are able to come together and spread faith and hope. Everything has a counterpart, and a reason for occurring and being. Faith is not knowing all the answers; rather, it is knowing all the questions one is not able to answer. When events like this occur, it may shake our faith, but we can find strength as we continue to come together as a community and support and pray for one another. Let us keep faith that this violence will soon end, and that we will be able to find peace, love, trust, and acceptance in our world.

Keep on smiling

Autotranslated from French:

# prayforparis
There are two years ago, I filled out my backpack and I’m part at the end of the world for an adventure of a year. My only fear at that time were to lose me seen the non existence of my sense of direction. I arrived in the north of Australia, alone and without a plan. Very quickly I’ve made friends. Friends who come from the four corners of the world.
People who have never tried to tell me that they wouldn’t had the courage to travel alone, I was taking huge risks… Alone? I never would have survived! I can’t even read a map, to say.
I did 300 km in stop with total strangers. It seems totally unconscious? Maybe, but I’m just trust people. I was told that I was crazy, that I was gonna make me kidnap, torture and rape… I’ve never listened to the pessimistic. I wanted to live my own story. After all, if i believe in humanity and that it something happens to me, then at that time, and at that time only I will have a reason not to trust the people.
I arrived in Thailand, always alone and without any plan. At the airport, in the middle of the night, I realize that I lost my credit card. I still have a few tickets indonesians in pocket, very quickly, I realize that it represents the equivalent of barely a euro. And no internet or credit on my phone. I asked for help. The first people to whom I explained my plight paid me to eat, a taxi and Lent a phone so I can wake up my poor parents. They expected nothing in return. You see, it was the first people to whom I asked. We must not move heaven and sea to find people of confidence. And the best part of this story? In my desperate situations, when I had to ask for help, no one has ever asked me: it depends, what’s your religion? No, we’re all human beings! Not Arabic, Turks, Jews, Muslims, Christians… Just humans!
Here, in Sydney, I have a friend (E) s which are arranged marriage while others collect the flags. Of friend (E) s who go around the belly in the air while others wear the veil. Religion and cultural differences are not taboo subject. I have a huge chance of having such a diversity at the level of my friends. I’d like to shout loud and clear, I’d like everyone to understand, understand me…
I don’t know why I tell all of this now. Can be a message of hope, of an optimist? Of liver in humanity… ? Maybe I just want you to share my experience, because that would be selfish to keep such a beautiful story for me. This who have not had the chance to travel or simply the courage to address and try to understand people of different religions / cultures, please believe in my story. She is 100 % true. And you see? Has the time or I write these lines, I’m alive, at the other end of the world and the heart still full of hope.
I know that everyone does not share my ideas and my point of view, and I respect. After all, do we not we fight for our freedom of thought? I just want to ask the people who make the confusion, to those who believe that what is happening in France is linked to the religions: do you know personally of the people who do not share your religion? Do you listen to people who have other beliefs as yours? You really think that we’re so different? Yes the people who have done ca are monsters, without heart. They are not human and don’t do this in the name of their religion…
Some tell me that I was lucky not to be in France at the moment, that I have the good life here or I am. Don’t think it’s easy and that I don’t know what is happening in my country! I’m française de heart and blood. My family, my friends there and I am delighted at the prospect of returning to France in exactly a month.
But now I’m afraid. Not scared of me to attack, not afraid to die. I’m scared of reactions. Yes most of my friend (E) s of here are Muslim (E) s and I like them. I see so much of racist, of people who criticise the Muslims for these horrific acts… Do you think it’s normal that innocent people are ashamed of their religion? We don’t choose his family, his color, his religion, his country. But we chose his thoughts and we stay master for our actions… I prefer not to name names, but racist publications of some one of my good friends on Facebook have just broken my heart…
Is it that I live “in the land of the care bears”? It makes me some times the remark. But I’ve lived. A year in backpack. I have to study for my second semester of master in Australia. I think after all that, I am able to make me my own vision of the world. My vision of humanity as I see her…
******* Please, I don’t want any reply controversy to this message. No! If you have had negative experiences and want to tell your story, okay, but elsewhere.********
I don’t think a lot of you have taken the time to read this message until the end (Personal I’ve not seen the taille^^), But for those who read it: thank you keep on smiling and hope heart emoticon
# prayforparis

“We know what’s coming next. From both sides. We know this is going to get worse before it gets better. So it is okay to be sad, it is okay to pray, it is okay to be angry for a little while.

Just maintain your coherence.

Incidents like these send shockwaves up and down between the worlds. That is what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to decohere us. Do not let them. That power remains with you at all times and that power is infinite.

Maintain your coherence. Ensure your words and actions provide coherence to others. And so the City of Light shall remain undimmed.”

War or mass murder?

“President Hollande calls it an act of war . To me it looks like mass murder .”


“we found a Syrian passport” it reminds me of when we found the identity card in a car to Charlie Hebdo, or the passport intact found on 11/09. I say this, I say nothing…”

Universal love and compassion

I am deeply shocked about the happenings in Paris. My son is at Gatwick air port right now where one of the terminals is evacuated due to a man being arrested with a gun. There is something dreadfully wrong with the human kind to reach this level of hatred. Each one of us is responsible not to add to it but be in touch the good which we find in ourselves.

I hope at least this makes a lot of people understand how it feels when it’s so close to home that you will have to leave. I don’t comprehend how the refugees are thought to be fleeing their homes just to be a nuisance for the rest of us.

In this period full of emotions, let’s think well before you react.
We should not control by our feelings of anger and hatred but rather by those of love and compassion that we have for our families, for our loved ones and for the world in which we live, which despite everything is wonderful.
Don’t go down to their level.
«Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that» MLK
Stay strong, remain United, remain human.
‪#‎ProudToBeFrench‬ ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬

‘Kill them all’, all of the terrorists/paedophiles

Bonanza of a discussion:

I believe in magnanimity and compassion, and I believe in fair punishment, and in the honest, wholesome application of justice. In most instances, even when wrong has been done, I believe that people should be shown kindness and be helped — so that they can, in turn, show kindness and compassion where none previously existed, and possibly be redeemed and rehabilitated. However, in some cases, such restorative measures are simply impractical — they can’t work: as unreasonable zealots with either a perverse view of religious doctrine or a twisted, hateful view of the world seek to wreak havoc and terror amongst those who have done no wrong in what could be punitive retaliation against an entity or force, but what could also be a(nother) pre-emptive attack against a culture for the simple premise of it being at odds with another (which I am inclined to believe, given previous instances of terrorism in France).

I believe in kindness and understanding, but it isn’t always practical and it won’t always work. In this instance, the threat needs to be removed: as the risk of reoccurrence simply cannot be allowed. The only goal of this attack was death and mayhem — evident in the quantity of the executions inside the Bataclan concert hall, and the clinical, systematic nature thereof. In this instance, there can be no redemption. This threat needs to be removed definitively. Kill them. Kill them all (the perpetrators), and stop this from happening again, or at the very least stop them from doing this again‪#‎prayforParis‬

Followed by:

1) Punish people for killing people by killing people? Hmmmm seems legit…
2) Where do we stop with the killing? Terrorists are people who bring terror — who do we kill? Just those who kill, or those who rape etc?
3) If we decide that anybody with affiliation with terror should be killed, we are effectively encouraging murder to those who rape etc, as they will get the same punishment either way and will therefore get rid of a witness (this is one of the most valid arguments in all capital punishment debates).
4) A lot of terrorists are interested in suicide bombings etc, therefore they are happy to die. Why give them the easy way out? Lock them up and make them suffer for their evil.

The final substantial reply:

1) Not in punishment, more so in prevention. Like I said, I believe in prevention more than retaliation, but this keeps happening with increasing degrees of violence and impact, so I think it would be best to remove combat it directly, rather than combat it with ideals and niceness.
2) It is similarly ambiguous determining who to kill. As I understand it (could well be wrong), justice is usually dealt at the discretion of the judge. Therefore, I would say that death should only be used in cases of absolute certainty — as I am absolutely certain that these people should be killed. I’m so sure because of the fact that they and theirs have repeatedly done stuff like this, and that they ONLY seek to kill and cause mayhem in their attacks due to ideological differences — a doctrine which offers no room for change therein or rehabilitation. So remove the threat.
3) I don’t think that just “anybody with an affiliation with terror” should be killed. I think perpetrators of the most extreme acts of terrorism should be killed — like these people. Serial rapists, paedophiles, or people who have committed particularly vile acts of rape (extending beyond “ordinary” rape) could also conceivably be put to death
4) The suicide bombers kill themselves because they believe that they are giving their lives in an act done in the service of their God. Lethal injection strapped to a bench is not done as an act in the service of God — thus not being the same thing and removing their willingness to die (in that manner). THere have also been cases where locking them up just makes things worse too. Locking them up maintains the possibility of further chaos. Plus, thats a lot of money to spend keeping someone like that alive (if the death is implemented quickly and efficiently that is). The Americans did that in the middle east when they were occupying it and put all the muslim extremists together in the same place, and the extreme ones indoctrinated the less extreme ones, making more extremists than there were previously.


Kill one and another two will take its place

yeah i figured as much, its just hard to eradicate the idea at the root. You can easily apply the Hydra metaphor, kill one and another two will take his place.

Sorry for getting political

Sorry for getting political on you all but this was just too good not to share. https://newmatilda.com/2015/11/14/paris-attacks-highlight-western-vulnerability-and-our-selective-grief-and-outrage/

Our potential

Our potential is unlimited, whether is be in progress or in destruction.

It really opens my eyes on how lucky I’ve been and how we all should focus and be thankful for the beautiful things in our lives. Because you never know when you might find yourself at a concert and a bomb goes off…

Mad at both sides in this story

Very true, but when you go to countries to “fight terrorism”, Irak, Afghanistan, Syria, and just end up destroying that country and then leaving that country to rebuild itself on it’s own you’re bound to suffer repercussions… Why do country like france have to implicate themselves in situations that have nothing to do with them. There are huge problems in Islamic countries but don’t make yourself a part of it just to show off that you’ve got planes and bombs.

I’m just so mad at both sides in this story.

Interesting point shared around a lot